You’re all moved into your new home – now what? Unfortunately, there’s still work to be done until you can sit back and relax. And no, we’re not talking about scrolling through Pi

The booming real estate market has created a high demand for appraisal services. This is good news for lenders, but it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on appraisers who have to be di

A recent study by the National Association of Home Builders found that regulations imposed by all levels of government on new homes account for $93,870, or 23.8%, of the curr


By providing secure access to reporting, audits, defects, and supporting documentation,


PerfectDocs®, is the first complete web-based solution that provides bo

Aspen Property Servicing Platform

Aspens Property Servicing Platform simplifies & automates process

Logix by Xome®

Logix™ by Xome® is a new portfolio management pl